Thursday, 9 December 2010

A Registrar, a witness statement and a Court hearing

Signer of witness statements Dr Adrian Graves*

A snippet of hearty news arrived in the post yesterday (8th Dec). It was a witness statement with a highly significant signature affix't. That signature belonged to one Dr Adrian Graves. This witnesses statement lays out the basis for the University of Salford's allegations against one Mr Gary Duke ('tis I sir!). Contained within are claims that the aforementioned Mr Duke ('tis I again and a Dr to boot if you like sir!) has vilified and defamed them (senior types and others at UoS) to some fine tune on a website entitled The Rat Catchers of the Sewers. It is on record that this writer has neither confirmed nor denied involvement, a point made by us to the Judge at the previous hearing in order to correct a misapprehension held by the University's barrister.

Dr Graves' is an interesting statement on several levels none of which we can go into here for obvious reasons. The forthright claims made by Dr Graves in his statement will serve as the basis for a request by University lawyers that the Court grant them Norwich Pharmacal relief . This is an Order that requests Virgin Media Limited to provide account details of an IP address supplied to the UoS by Automattic Inc (the owners of Wordpress). The forthcoming hearing may prove enlightening and contentious.

When Wordpress folded

We might also add for clarification that the above information (an extensive list of IP addresses of contributors and 'posters', an email address and details of when the Rat Catchers of the Sewers account was created) was handed to the University of Salford US legal representatives by the CEO of Automattic Inc (Wordpress), Mr Toni Schneider. This was without being "required to do so by law" or a Court Order from the Californian courts. Below is a quote from Wordpess's Privacy Policy:

All those who have a Wordpress account may wish to take heed of this precedent. They might also take Schneider to task over this apparent breach of their own Privacy Policy. We wouldn't want Wordpress to find themselves in court answering to claims under the Californian version of the Trade Descriptions Act (if one exists).

In closing...

Given the content of Dr Graves' statement, which bears many striking similarities to a statement provided to the Court by Mr Ian Austin dated 27 October 2010, members of the public if not already titillated, may wish to recover from the dark cupboard corners their Thermos vacuum flasks, vintage Tupperware sandwich containers and large sponge hands and reserve their seats at the next round of legal proceedings.

Another hearing in all things deem'd calumnious, defamatory and libellous....

The University of Salford


Dr Gary Paul Duke

2 o'clock promptly before Judge Smith at Manchester District Registry
21st day of December 2010,
Manchester Civil Justice Centre
One Bridge Street West,

*Picture courtesy of the University of Salford sourced at

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