Thursday, 20 September 2012

Availing oneself of the judiciary

It's approaching that time of year again where a certain type of some indistinction will once more venture o'er 't' threshold of the High Court, leaving his boots at the door. He will in the interests of freedom of speech and sundry Article Six matters, at an oral hearing in front of an esteemed and high-ranking member of the English Judiciary, raise the substantive issue of why he should be allowed to have his appeal heard regarding the matter of the University of Salford's ongoing libel claim against him. 

The young Duke: a vehement defender of
human rights or a banjo-stroking simpleton?
It promises to be an interesting adjuration where matters pertaining to The Derbyshire Principle will almost certainly be openly difcuff'd. As is the usual practice, the Vagrants would like to extend a beery invitation of attendance to regular dippers and fellow travellers. Discourses on an alleged human rights adherent to follow.