Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Freedom of Speech and its Associated Costs

"What is beyond doubt is that students and their families will expect continual improvements in baseline standards of teaching provision, evidence for excellence, and a clear demonstration that their investment in higher education will have clear benefits in gaining employment after graduation. This makes our continuing emphasis on the quality of teaching and learning at our university all the more important."(1)
Martin Hall April 2011

Speaking freely... 'tis an expensive luxury m'lord. Can I retain the curly syrup?

In light of Vice Chancellor Martin Hall's regular online epistle, this week dealing with the issue of the setting of student fees at University of Salford, readers and potential undergraduate students might be interested to observe where the Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor are investing some of the University's resources which will clearly have major benefits for students at Salford in gaining employment after graduation.

(1) M Hall, Setting Fees, sourced at http://www.corporate.salford.ac.uk/leadership-management/martin-hall/blog/2011/04/setting-fees/

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