Saturday, 20 November 2010

Mark well these words

"...we particularly value academic freedom and freedom of expression within a framework of respect and tolerance for the views of others."

"Our decision to focus on Human Rights and Social Justice – one of our chosen themes - serves both as a direction for teaching and research, but also as a means of framing all that we do." (1)

The Installation speech of one Professor Martin Hall, Vice Chancellor of the University of Salford, delivered before a distinguished audience in 2009

Mark well these words

A hearing into things deemed libellous by....

The University of Salford


Dr Gary Paul Duke

Monday 22nd day of November commencing at the hour of two o'clock

Sitting before District Judge Smith
In the County Court of Manchester,
The Civil Justice Centre,
1 Bridge Street West

(1) Hall M, Vice-Chancellor, University of Salford, Installation Address, Monday 12 October 2009, sourced at

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