Monday, 8 April 2013

We Robot(s)

 This morning I critically reviewed this...

This lunchtime I critically reviewed this...

And finally just before I picked my Granddaughter up from infants school, I critically reviewed this!

Oh how we laughed...

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  1. The University's response fails to answer the question regarding the particular budget lines used to pay these legal expenses. Perhaps a further query should be put before them.

  2. The judgment will be interesting when it emerges.

  3. Can I advise that you follow the vote on this piece of legislation?

    There is one final vote, scheduled to take place tomorrow. If the House votes in the affirmative, then the Bill will become an Act of Parliament within days and the University will be prohibited from continuing.

  4. And low and behold, the amendment requiring Corporations to demonstrate "serious financial harm" has been accepted.