Tuesday, 21 September 2010

All Quiet on the Western Front

Say no more!
This is becoming tedious.

I've written once again to UCU branch President Chris Sheehy to ask that she make available to me the Frances Green Executive Summary conducted by the TCM Group into appointments. It was delivered by her verbally to members in an EGM on Friday of last week (more on this interesting meeting during the week).

I've had no answer as of yet. I did mention the issue of my impending Employment Tribunal next Wednesday and that the information contained within the ES is extremely pertinent to my case.

I know many of you reading this aren't yet members of the union. But you're entitled to know what's going on regarding appointments at UoS. I can't share the detail of the report as I haven't got it. I thought I could at least share with you the motion passed at the UCU/Unison Extraordinary General Meeting which is now whizzing between a variety of computers at UoS and beyond.

Passed unanimously at the SBS UCU and Unison members meeting 17th September 2010

An extraordinary meeting of UCU and Unison members in Salford Business School met on the 17th September 2010 to receive, inter alia, a verbal report on Frances Green’s executive summary, which investigated the processes of recruitment applied in respect of SBS academic appointments at the end of 2009. 

Members of UCU SBS are keen to restate that the concerns raised are not with the appointees but with those who are responsible for ensuring recruitment and appointment policies are fit for practice and applied fairly, justly and reasonably. The branch therefore wishes to reiterate its’ welcome to the new staff.

The following unanimous resolutions were passed

1. We are dismayed that the letter from the VC of July 2010 does not appear fully to reflect the findings and tone of Frances Green’s executive summary of her report. On the basis of this executive summary, SBS UCU and Unison members have grave concerns about the University of Salford’s recruitment and appointment processes as presently constituted and applied.

2. We call upon the University to produce appropriate policies of selection and recruitment as a matter of urgency and to implement these, on the basis of a clearly stated timescale, before any more appointments are made. SBS UCU and SBS Unison respectfully request that UCU are involved in writing these policies.

3. We most earnestly request that the executive summary produced by Frances Green be made available to all staff in the University. As there is a likelihood that staff may soon have to apply for new positions as a result of the restructuring recommended by Lauwrys, it is vital that the robustness and impartiality of appointment procedures be clearly demonstrated to all.

Limited Access - is this what unions are about?

I can't help wondering why some UCU members are allowed to access the document and not others and why two reps in the Business School are policing access to this document (you can see it if but you cannot take a hard copy away so I'm reliably informed).

Sorry chum,
no carbon-copies allowed

Moreover, if Ms Sheehy's already delivered the speech to an audience of UCU and Unison members is it not already in the public domain? Come on, stop prevaricating! Release this document to members!

Oh and by the way, as a member, I wouldn't mind a copy myself.

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