Friday, 24 September 2010

Bring on the vikings

Just an update on the continuing saga that is frankly taking on Norse-like proportions that would make Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis proud.

She could send it by boat if necessary!

Yes, it's revolving around the sticky subject of access to the TCM Group Executive Summary like a redundant rogue earth-bound communications satellite. I thought it might be in the interest of UCU members at Salford and beyond, to make public my letter to our UCU branch President Chris Sheehy.

20 September 2010

Dear Chris

I have been informed that you have verbally delivered a reading of the ten page Executive Summary of the TCM Group review on Friday the 17th September in room 813 to members of the UCU including members from Salford Business School and reps from UNISON. I am also aware that specific UCU reps are allowing UCU members access to this document.

It is clear that the Executive Summary is now in the public domain and as such I would like to officially request a copy from you or the reps who hold copies. It can be supplied to me either in electronic or hard format. I wish to enter this as evidence as I am aware that it contains specific information that is central to my case being heard at the forthcoming Employment Tribunal.

Given the proximity of the Tribunal which is scheduled for next week, the 29th and 30th of September 2010, I would anticipate that it should take no longer than two working days to supply this documentation. I am happy to meet with you or the reps off campus to collect any documentation.

Should you fail to provide the documentation as requested, I reserve the right to bring this letter and your failure to supply said documents to the attention of the Tribunal.

Yours fraternally

Dr Gary Duke

I'd like to report that the Executive Summary is now in my hand... I'd like to but I can't.

It's not donned it's winged helmet or boots for that matter, nor has it winged its way to my postbox via the hand of Our Glorious Leader. Nor have I received any reply to my letter, indeed not even the courtesy of an acknowledgement.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions

Dr Gary Duke
UCU Member: 103260

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